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Live Turkeys on a Country Road: Finding Clients – Holiday Style

I love this holiday story that proves clients can come from anywhere.

Recently, a client of mine was headed out to a mountain home to meet up with his extended family for a big Thanksgiving dinner. He decided to make it an extraordinary traditional feast by arranging to pick up two live turkeys from a farmer along the way. As he made arrangements for the turkeys, he discovered the farmer was also a practicing attorney who needed local counsel for a big case brewing in my client’s home state. Later that week, on the day before Thanksgiving, my client stopped to get his turkeys. He left the farmer’s house with two caged birds gobbling in the back of the family wagon—and an engagement as the farmer’s local counsel.

Clients can come from anywhere, at any time—while you’re running an errand, watching your kids play soccer, meeting someone new at a backyard barbeque, and yes, even while you are picking up a live turkey on the side of a country road.

Happy Holidays!

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