Key Client Team Development

The benefits of a client team program can deliver more than revenue increases and stronger client relationships. In fact, a properly developed program should also decrease the cost of business acquisitions, build client loyalty and trust, and employ superior service strategies that are recognized as a competitive advantage for your firm. Our team of former BigLaw and Accounting Big 4 executives has experienced the evolution of client teams within the professional services industry over the past 30 years and we understand the challenges, have seen the issues, and can help focus your resources most efficiently to establish a successful client team.

Our Client Team Advantage Program consists of the following:

  • Assessment of the current strengths and needs of the firm’s client teams
  • Benchmarking against Strategic Account Management best practices
  • Aligning the activities of the client teams with the firm’s goals while optimizing focus, strategy, and execution, as well as communication and collaboration
  • Training team leaders and team members so they can continuously improve on communication, collaboration, focus, strategy, and execution
  • Instituting a step-by-step program to achieve goals for revenue and efficiency

For more information about our Client Team Advantage Program, please click here.

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