Boardrooms & Roundtables:

Managing Partner Roundtable

We host several roundtables for the Managing Partners of similarly situated (by size and practice), minimally competing (by geography) law firms.  Each Managing Partner Roundtable provides member law firm leaders with a candid, safe, antitrust compliant forum for idea exchanges and topic exploration.

Managing Partner Roundtable members receive a host of benefits including:

  • Facilitated roundtable discussions annually in the Spring and Fall
  • Guest speakers on topics of interest to the group
  • Tailored analyses, presentations, and issue summaries
  • Strong peer-to-peer networking, year-round

Membership is for those members registered. If a member is unable to attend a particular meeting she can send an alternate from the same firm/company. We recommend as much consistency as possible in attendance so each member can leverage the networking and camaraderie benefits. Members pay their individual travel and hotel costs; all meals during the meeting are included in the annual fees, as are fees for outside speakers.

Each group meets formally twice a year to discuss issues of concern and interest to the members.  Members also stay in touch year round to assist with leadership challenges that arise during the year.

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