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Passion + Focus = Success in Life and Law

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I had the honor of playing golf with two veterans of the Iraq war, in a charity tournament

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Redefining “Nice” at Law Firms: The Interplay between Culture and Tenured Partner Underperformance

During our most recent LawVision Managing Partner Roundtable, a topic of common concern resurfaced, albeit this time with a slightly different spin.  Although

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Law Firm Growth

Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s May 6 issue focuses on “Big Law’s” need to wake up and build strong leadership citing the demise of some impressive

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Time to Change the Partner Compensation System?

I was recently discussing some preliminary findings from our Partner Compensation System Survey* with a Managing Partner – issues such as how many

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What’s Wrong With This Process? Why Are So Few Lawyers Willing to Assess How They’re Delivering Legal Services?

Last month I wrote that lawyers still hadn’t decided which should come first between legal project management (LPM) and legal process improvement (LPI). 

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Coach Lawyers to Develop Business by Using Their Strengths

A recent post by my colleague Bruce Alltop addressed the ability of introverts to develop business.  The following are a few charts based

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