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Finding Success in the Space: Why Lower Utilization Could Be a Turning Point for Law Firms

For decades, law firms have relied on a combination of financial and operational metrics as proxies for profitability. Realization rates, utilization and leverage

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Seven Nice Ways Your Prospects Say “No, Thank You” and What to Do about It

Ask any nine-year-old kid what it means when his mother says “I’ll think about it.” He knows what it means—it means no. As

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“Rational” Performance Reviews and a High Performance Culture: Observations on the K&L Gates Partner Departures

In recent weeks much attention has been focused on the 90 partners who left K&L Gates in the last seven months. As the

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Executive Presence – Do you have what it takes to be a firm leader?

I read an article many years ago that most CEOs, when asked to “please take a seat” by the receptionist, will elect to

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The Value of Values

I was recently driving through a small town in rural Virginia where I passed an idyllic little white church that belongs on a

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