Kit G. Murphy Senior Consultant

Mobile: (614) 578-1005

Kit brings a rare combination of deep financial and operational legal management experience to the LawVision team.

As a change agent with more than 25 creditable years of guiding multiple law firms to—and through—significant growth, Kit’s practical experience includes but is not limited to P&L Management; Talent Acquisition & Retention; Strategic Planning & Execution; Performance Analysis & Improvement; Branding, Marketing, & Public Relations; and Best Practices Identification & Installation. She is particularly adept at creating tactical operations plans and assembling high-performing teams to generate revenue and profit gains while responding to an ever-changing marketplace, and has managed first-hand the financial, operational, and talent integration aspects of numerous acquisitions, combinations, and mergers.

Today Kit’s practice includes coaching firm leaders and leadership teams in the articulation and execution of an organization’s short-term goals and long-term vision while also helping the individuals involved achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

As a unique foundation to her career in the legal industry, Kit co-founded and led expansion of a high-tech manufacturing company. She played a key role in developing the operating infrastructure, cultivating Fortune 100 customer relationships and spearheading the acquisition of investors and venture capital groups to support growth.

Key Service Areas:
Strategy Development & Implementation
Mergers & Acquisition
Financial Modeling
Innovation & Culture Change
Leadership Development Programs and Individual Coaching

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