LPM Coaching & Implementation

Legal project management skills are becoming critical for lawyers to minimize write-offs/downs, enhance client satisfaction and manage lean teams.  Our coaching and training in legal project management teaches many skills but some of the most important are how to engage with clients in a more proactive way that results in winning work and enhanced client relationships.

LPM coaching sessions serve as opportunities to help participants implement LPM techniques in their actual matters.  Depending on how comprehensive the change they want to make in how they manage their matters, participants can learn all or some parts of LPM through their coaching sessions. LPM tools and techniques are intermingled with the coaching sessions.

A by-product of the coaching program is that it may be used to develop success stories to encourage greater buy-in and with client and matter teams using LPM practices. In some cases they are used at firm retreats and other meetings.  This approach can also be used to complete an after-action-review of (i.e., “reverse engineer”) a matter.

Our live training programs are frequently followed with implementation assistance. We guide the teams through developing tools and techniques that will be of the greatest use on their matters, not necessarily utilizing all of the tools of the LPM toolkit.  Each team may focus on a different LPM tool or skill.

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