Litigation Leaders’ Roundtable

The Litigation Leaders’ Roundtable is designed to provide an exclusive forum for the senior leaders of litigation departments or practices in major firms to assist each other via a peer network of trusted advisors and friends. The goal is to foster energetic, strategic and confidential discussions about topics of importance for litigation practices, the profession and firm leaders. Discussion topics are member-driven and selected, and have included issues such as:

  • Trends driving changes in use of outside counsel for litigation
  • New and developing areas of practice
  • Changing expectations of in-house counsel
  • New metrics for measuring practice success
  • Training and development of young lawyers in light of client pressures on use of juniors
  • Use of staff attorneys and other professionals to fulfill client needs
  • Encouraging and sustaining diversity of lawyers within the practice – strategies for recruitment, integration, business development success and leadership development
  • Dealing with development of AFAs – systems, tools, training, metrics and more
  • Succession planning and transitioning for key rainmakers and leaders in the practice
  • Coaching and mentoring the next generation of leaders in the practice
  • Legal project management and process improvement – what’s working in litigation
  • Knowledge management models and systems
  • Establishing best practice models at law firms and in law departments—obstacles and challenges
  • Leading teams and groups
  • Management and cross-selling between foreign offices

The Litigation Leaders’ Roundtable members receive a host of benefits including:

  • Opportunity to network with litigation leaders from other major firms
  • Small group format enabling candid discussions
  • 20% discount on all public programs/conferences offered by LawVision
  • 20% discount on Law Firm Partnership and Benefits Report (published by ALM).
  • 10% discount for individual members at Hildebrandt Institute’s annual Law Firm Leaders Conference.
  • Access to proprietary and relevant research.

Membership is for those members registered. If a member is unable to attend a particular meeting, he or she can send an alternate from the same firm/company. We recommend as much consistency as possible in attendance so you can leverage the networking and camaraderie benefits. Members pay their individual travel and hotel costs; all meals during the meeting are included in the annual fees, as are fees for outside speakers.

All meetings will be designed to include facilitated conversations and roundtable discussions based on topics identified in pre-meeting interviews to be conducted by phone.

The in-person meetings are held twice a year and will include information on various topics of mutual interest identified by the members (e.g., an annual state of the industry, research findings, etc. to be presented by a well-known authority).

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