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Solving the Great Partner Compensation Puzzle – Promoting Teamwork (Part 1)

In many informal chats with Managing Partners, we are asked, “How can we incentivize teamwork at our firm?”  We usually find that within

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Law Firm Alternative Fees: Revolution or Slog

This week, I came across this lead-in to an article in the New York Times on the alternative fee revolution in law firms.

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The Business of Law: How Innovative Law Firms – Use Talent Strategy to Achieve Strategic Goals

I recently attended a Kellogg School of Management Alumni event entitled “The Age at Which People Achieve Great Things” where Ben Jones, Associate

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How to Write your Firm Website Bio and LinkedIn Profile Bio for Maximum Web Exposure

Take a lesson from Dr. Seuss and use “The Cat in the Hat” method If you are struggling with how to write your

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Turns Out Numbers Do Matter!

Recently, I hosted a webinar to present an overview of law firm accounting.  This presentation was nothing more than an introduction to law

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