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Law Firm Hiring Models: No Longer “Par for the Course”

Every year about this time I experience the same hallucination –  By the time the cold Chicago weather breaks, I’ll be a good

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Solving the Great Partner Compensation Puzzle – Promoting Teamwork (Part 3)

In my last two blogs I have been focused on the ability to solve the “teamwork puzzle” in a law firm and the

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Overcoming Business Development Procrastination

I often ask groups of lawyers to brainstorm with me to list obstacles they experience when attempting business development activities. I want to

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Is Legal Project Management Just One of Many Starting Points to Creating Effective Teams?

Last month, I opined that legal project management (“LPM”) is a potential solution to creating effective teams.  Today, I’m adding (or perhaps clarifying)

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Avoiding unnecessary risk to your book of business – More lessons from the Super Bowl “lights out” fiasco

This year’s Super Bowl organizers watched in horror as half the stadium lights went dark on Sunday.  How could this happen?  On the

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Lessons for Lawyers from the Super Bowl: Leadership is Fragile

Like virtually everyone else at the Super Bowl party I attended Sunday evening (in Chicago), I didn’t have a favorite in the game

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