Business Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence

The most effective dashboards are ones that drive action, behavioral change and make a continuous impact on serving clients, anticipating client needs, communicating KPIs, while driving profitability.  Too often, financial reporting systems are idle, and the projects associated with establishing these systems are expensive and time-consuming.

Through technology advancements and LawVision’s advanced methods for rapid BI, and driving insight-to-action, we work with our clients to understand priorities, opportunities for measurement, assessment of current reporting systems and metrics, and help to make current approaches more valuable or work to extend or transform them.  We frequently work with firms to:

  • Deploy advanced deployment methods to create rapid BI views
  • Establish rapid dashboards using modern software technologies
  • Create matter analytics and predicting matter risks with tracking
  • Establish profitability reporting
  • Provide support for BI / CI selection and project management
  • Create client dashboards, KPIs
  • Help firms understand best practices in reporting, enablement and cultural adoption
  • Deploy client and market intelligence systems
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