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The Future of Law Firm Pricing: AI, Time, and the Quest for Genuine Value

In my last two pieces, we navigated the intricate landscape of the 2024 law firm rate setting and broached the powerful bond between

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Be an Info Hero at Your Firm: How to Propel Your Career by Learning Basic Business Analysis

Law firms’ increasing focus on user experience creates a tremendous professional opportunity for law firm marketers and business developers. For a long time,

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Building Stronger Client Bonds Through Strategic Rate Setting

Following up on my recent piece about navigating the complex landscape of 2024 law firm rate setting, I’d like to delve deeper into

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Practice Group Management: The Key to More Effective Use of Investment Time to Build Your Firm

Most firms today have embraced effective and empowered practice management for many reasons: improved engagement and retention of their valued professionals, greater profitability,

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