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Principled Based Business – Golden State Foods Leads by Example

Given all the unfortunate and unethical human atrocities in the world today, I was moved by John Page’s article from the ACC website describing Golden State Foods “values based approach to business.

Mr. Page describes a corporate culture of respect for others, dignity and ethical behavior in dealing with employees, customers and vendors.  He states, “The company’s Creed and Values, which appear prominently on its website, include the forthright statements, “We believe in God and the dignity of all people. We believe that people should be treated as we would like to be treated, and this applies to all of our associates, their families, our customers and suppliers, and to all others with whom we do business.”

Can a law firm achieve a similar values based culture?  Most definitely, some have.  Although the transition is not as easy as waving a wand and assuming firm members will act accordingly.  To successfully implement such a cultural change, a significant top down approach involving universal training and “buy-in” to a set of standards is necessary.  Standards for valuing and respecting:

  1. All members of the firm
  2. All clients of the firm
  3. All vendors of the firm
  4. All visitors to the firm
  5. All family members of the firm

“Remember, our Creed and Values say it is essential to treat people the way you’d want to be treated . . . We filter everything in our legal functions through that creed, which emphasizes the dignity of all people.” Page says.

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