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Overcoming Lawyer Business Development Fears

It’s time for Halloween. Have you ever been scared? I mean, bone-chilling terrified? The kind of fear that actually changes your body heat

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The Perils of Profitability… and Thoughts on Best Practice

During a meeting last week of twenty or so Managing Partners from around the country, the conversation predictably turned to one of the

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LawVision Announces New Service Offering ~ LawVision MergerCounsel

LawVision Group is pleased to announce the addition of a new service offering – LawVision MergerCounsel. Michael Short and Joseph Altonji, both founding

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Law Firm Business Development: Effective Cross-Selling Requires Trust

Now that most firms have recognized the value of going to market by industry, most have established formal industry teams. The natural next

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Law Firm Leadership: Maxwell’s 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

I typed “leadership books” into the search engine on Amazon’s website.  What would you guess?  1,000?  20,000?  50,000 different books on leadership?   The

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The Invisible Impediment: Is Your Firm’s Culture Holding You Back?

Peter Drucker said it best. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In our rapidly evolving industry the need for and attention to firm-wide strategy

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Autumn Thoughts Turn to Year End

As summer fades into autumn, law firm attentions invariably turn to year-end. From a production perspective the current year is largely done, save

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Driving Law Firm Revenue – Key Client Planning

Limited resources? Too many plans – office plans, practice plans, individual plans. Where does a firm stop? Or start? Building a culture of

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