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Law Firm Merger Business Case Development: The ‘Script’ is Evolving with the Times

Something interesting is happening in the world of law firm merger matchmaking and due diligence. Specifically, the order of importance for the key

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Lost Momentum in the Evolution of the Law Firm Business Model

In the midst of a global pandemic, the legal industry has remained incredibly resilient as the demand for services – particularly deal support

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Rhetorical Investment Questions for 2022

In 2018, I posed a list of rhetorical questions for law firm leaders to consider in the coming year.  I hope most leadership

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A Practice That Needs to Stop – (Some) Headhunters Charging a Premium for Diverse Talent

If you, like many law firm leaders, are focused on your firm’s diversity statistics, you no doubt know that some headhunters have begun

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Who’s Worrying About the Mental Health of the Law Firm Leaders?

For months, every law firm leadership team has been navigating completely uncharted waters with respect to the impact of the pandemic on the

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Commoditized Work Can be a Gold Mine…Particularly with the Use of an ALSP

By Mike Short and Yvonne Nath Within many law firms, any variations on the word “commoditized” (i.e., commodity, commodification, commodified) are very bad

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What if Your Law Firm is NOT Getting Merger Calls?

The law firm world is facing serious consolidation pressures right now.  Public numbers on “closed” deals would suggest to any uninformed reader that

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The Next (Foreseeable) Disruption for the Legal Industry

To say that we are in a period of change and transition is an understatement.  About a year ago, we all went home,

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A Rapidly Developing Law Firm Profitability Battle

As a result of the global pandemic and the impact that it has had on law firm operations, platforms, and business models, there

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Why So Many Law Firm Merger Attempts Fail

I recently wrote about the outcomes of our most recent 30 law firm merger & acquisition projects <link> within the context of a

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