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Micro-Hiring: An Emerging Trend in Law Firm Selection and What It Means for Your Firm

A new trend is emerging in how corporate clients select and hire law firms. Micro-hiring, or the selection of an individual or small

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Musings on Strategy and Chambers Bay

Over the past week, the attentions of all in the golf world were focused on the spectacle of the US Open at Chambers

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The 5 key components to a successful client team program (that are often overlooked)

We often hear “it didn’t work for us” or “we just can’t seem to get our client team program going.”  Have you tried

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Continuing to Solve the Great “Teamwork Puzzle” v2

Last month, I revisited an earlier series of blogs on the elusive goal of “teamwork” with a focus on why so many firms

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Four Scalability Trends Impacting Law Firm Staffing Ratios: How Do You Compare?

Writing for Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, I recently augmented the findings of Peer Monitor’s 2015 Staffing Ratio Survey by highlighting four scalability

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