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Is Charisma Necessary for LPM Leaders? 

Charisma, like extroversion, may be highly overrated. You don’t need to be charismatic to inspire people, at least according to leadership consultant Simon

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Sharpening Your Law Firm’s Industry-Based Sales Strategy

Over the last two decades there has been a proliferation of practice groups at most firms. Some are practice-specific, fewer are industry-focused, and

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In Times of Planning Uncertainty, Fall Back on the Basics

As we all gaze into our crystal balls and try to predict what will happen in 2024 with any degree of certainty, our

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The Nuances of Multi-Tiered Rate Structures: Unraveling the Complexity

I occasionally receive questions about multi-tiered rate structures, which prompted my focus this week. RATE TIER STRATEGY DEFINED Rate tiering is a pricing

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