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LawVision and Clocktimizer Announce Strategic Alliance

LawVision announces their strategic alliance with Clocktimizer, a market leader in pricing, budgeting, and business intelligence tools for law firms. The results from

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We Got the Call…An Employee at our Law Firm was Diagnosed with COVID-19 (By Jessa Baker, COO, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen)

This was written by Jessa Baker, COO at Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen. She is a former colleague at LawVision and wanted to provide insights

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Advice to Law Firm CMBDOs – Thinking Beyond Today

In light of events of the last 20 years, most law firms long ago developed crisis, security and business-continuity plans that already are

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Smart Workforce Strategies to Weather the Pandemic Storm

It’s tempting to apply an umbrella solution to your law firm work-from-home strategy. But resist. A one-size-fits-all approach could not only damage morale,

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8 Things You Can Do to Develop Business for Your Law Firm During a Pandemic

In early British World War II when the public was bracing for widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities across the country,

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6 Tips on How to Stay Connected and What to Say

There have been some good blogs and newsletters written about staying connected to clients and good contacts. Some of our clients and contacts

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Social Distancing Creates the Space for Distance Learning

What will your people do now that they’re working from home? It’s a lot to digest: none of us have been in this

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Our Observations on the Coronavirus for the Legal Industry

Here at LawVision, we are privileged to have a unique position as a consistent and intense observer of issues that impact the legal

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