Marketing & Business Development Audit

Creating alignment between the business professionals and the partners whom they support is key to creating an effective marketing and business development culture at your firm. We have an established program that is designed to help your firm assess its marketing and business development function to ensure you have the correct resources to support the competitive environment firms find themselves in.  We review not only functions but also people and processes including resources for which the firm has contracted.

Our program includes the following steps:

  1. Assessment of the current structure and activities of the function and the people in it
  2. Alignment of the function with the firm’s goals and optimize its performance
  3. Training people to focus on redefined goals and responsibilities and communicate better
  4. Instituting a step by step strategy to achieve goals for revenue and other deliverables

The Result = The right function, the right people, the right support. Your firm deserves to have the best structure and team supporting those who support your clients.

For a more detailed summary of our Marketing & Business Development Review, please click here.


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