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Most firms have already established a strategic rate plan for 2024. Yet, success is determined not merely by design but by diligent execution. At this stage of the rate calendar, the emphasis transitions to implementation, involving a significant human element and the skill of persuasion and education. This journey transcends mere number crunching and proposal drafting. It demands organizational nimbleness, motivational leadership, unambiguous communication, visible performance, and an unwavering emphasis on delivering value to clients. For a free check up on your rate strategy and 2024 implementation plans, book a conversation with Strategic Pricing, Profitability and Data Science Principal Mark Medice.

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Consultant Spotlight

Joseph B. Altonji

Co-Founding Principal

Joseph Altonji is a founding Principal of LawVision and has spent over 30 years consulting to law firms and their leaders both in the United States and internationally. Prior to launching LawVision, Joe spent 22 years with Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, ...