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Social Distancing Creates the Space for Distance Learning

What will your people do now that they’re working from home? It’s a lot to digest: none of us have been in this situation before. We struggle to maintain control and do the right things for ourselves and our families.

And then there’s the firm.

Life did not stop. We still have commitments and responsibilities. The best we can do is emerge from this pandemic stronger, in many ways, than we went into it. For many professionals, that means dusting off those development projects we may have shelved for far too long.

While a large percentage of your people can’t come to the office, they can still work on the firm’s important goals. One of those goals is to satisfy clients, who increasingly demand better project management from outside counsel; not surprisingly, we predict this pressure will intensify in the coming months. As the economy flounders, this means taking the opportunity to differentiate your firm, broaden your skillset, and train your best people to compete in preparation for life following the pandemic. At LawVision, we’re with you in this.

Let’s be clear: every firm is going to weather this storm differently. Position your firm now for what is likely to be a new normal; clients demanding even greater communication, precision, and accountability. Many firms will emerge from this period stronger for the time they spent doing things they never had the time to do before.

LPM Training Online

In response to this need, we are offering both our certification (LaunchPad) and our overview (LPMAware) programs at a deeply discounted rate. Our online legal project management programs allow you to educate and/or certify the people involved in maintaining your important client relationships. These courses aren’t solely intended for project managers and timekeepers, but also the critically important cast - your non-timekeepers. Those who complete the courses find that they now have the necessary information to develop tools and templates to facilitate the firm’s project management efforts.

Ironically, if there is an upside to this pandemic, COVID-19 affords us the opportunity to take a deep breath. There will be growth and learning…and we will be better on the other side.

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