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LawVision and Clocktimizer Announce Strategic Alliance

LawVision announces their strategic alliance with Clocktimizer, a market leader in pricing, budgeting, and business intelligence tools for law firms. The results from this partnership allow firms to make data-driven decisions around budgeting, pricing, and resourcing and speeds up time-to-value with their deployment.

Pieter van der Hoeven, CEO of Clocktimizer spoke of the alliance stating, “Clocktimizer powers pricing and LPM teams to excel at what they do; we provide the technology and our customers provide the vision and expertise. But formulating and executing a data-driven pricing strategy to drive firm-wide profitability can be a daunting task. That is why we have partnered with LawVision.”  He added, “If additional expertise is needed LawVision can assist Clocktimizer customers and prospects in getting the most out of our platform. Their expert understanding of the business of law combined with their knack for technology make them a perfect partner to tie strategy and technology together.”

Mark Medice, Principal at LawVision agrees, “In today’s legal environment, client demands, and competition are dictating greater efficiency and modernization, at a faster pace.  Our alliance with Clocktimizer combines pricing/profitability expertise, industry-leading machine learning software, and data science in one package, to accelerate this process.” He continued, “Moving faster and breaking through technological and cultural barriers helps firms better serve their clients and improve profitability.”

2020 Rates and Pricing Analytics Flash Survey

LawVision and Clocktimizer will be kicking off this partnership with a 2020 Rates and Pricing Analytics Flash Survey. This survey assesses market readiness for rates and overall pricing effectiveness, including value alignment, leakage management, profitability, and new analytic workstreams designed to manage your firm’s performance.

This is a flash survey and should take 5 minutes to complete. All personal and firm information will be kept confidential. Due to the criticality of releasing results timely, we will publish the results of this survey via webinar on April 30, 2020, and provide insights and steps you can take to maximize 2020 performance outcomes.

Take the 2020 Rates and Pricing Analytics Survey

Register for the Webinar (on 4/30/2020)

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