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What Law Firms (and I) Have to Be Thankful For

Until last winter, it was rare that I took the time to pause and reflect on the things I have to be thankful for in my life. Amidst the routine of our daily lives it is easy to become settled and, let’s face it, complacent. Yet when some event – or series of events – rocks your world, clarity strikes. Clarity about what truly matters. Clarity about who you want to be – and who you don’t. And clarity, yes, about the blessings you may overlook every day. It is this clarity that allows us to transform and grow. I was blessed with this opportunity last winter.

Deepak Chopra wisely observed that “Every great change is preceded by chaos.” We as an industry have certainly experienced our share of chaos in recent years and we, too, have gained the clarity that opens the door for transformation and growth. However, as we are now settling in to a more stable environment, it is easy to become entranced by the prospects ahead, to be wooed by the promise of renewed activity and the occasional taste of “the way it used to be.”

Amidst this uptick, let us not be fooled into old ways. Before releasing a sigh of relief or charging full steam ahead into the next big thing, let’s take a moment to reflect. To acknowledge – and embrace – the transformation we undertook to get where we are today. Let’s not forget the series of events that not so long ago rocked the world of all of us in the legal industry, and let’s continue to focus what will lead us to a better tomorrow:

  • Doing things differently can be better and more efficient. Don’t stop looking for ways to improve.
  • Business development success doesn’t come easily. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Listening to clients makes for a higher-quality work product and stronger relationships. Stay tuned in and keep in touch.
  • Technology can enable and empower. Always be learning.
  • Alternatives to the traditional partnership path make for a better work environment. Embrace different ways of thinking – and doing.
  • Culture influences everything – even if it’s a little dysfunctional it got you through some hard times the past few years. Focus on the positive.

A little inspiration to kick off the Thanksgiving break – and a heartfelt dose of gratitude from all of us at The LawVision Group for being our clients, friends and supporters. Thank you.

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