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Law Firm Business Development: Make Selling a Team Sport

Despite the fact that we encourage each of our individual clients (Partners, Associates, and Counsel alike) to have individual business development plans, we continually emphasize the importance and value of teamwork in business development.  Many times, compensation credit gets in the way of professionals working together to bring in a new client or business from an existing client (e.g., “why should I work on this for no credit?”)  More often, compensation credit getting in the way of team-oriented activity is simply an excuse for active exclusion.  Either way, for the majority of you who are in favor of going it on your own, you are likely depriving your clients of receiving maximum value.  Time and again, clients express their favorable opinion about teamwork as it relates to their service providers.  Further, much like any problem-solving team that has diverse members, taking a team approach to selling and client service results in new ideas, new perspectives, new solutions, and, ultimately, maximum value to the client.

When clients see you demonstrating teamwork and trust, it engenders a deeper level of comfort in working with you which makes it more difficult for your competitors to take your place.  For those of you who don’t believe and who may go so far as considering your partners as your competition rather than an asset to share with your clients, your true competitors are going to bring team play to your client’s front door (that you left open).  So, think about your clients’ business issues and strategic priorities, put your best team together, and visit your clients.  Your clients will appreciate it on multiple levels.  Make selling a team sport.

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