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Law Firm Business Development: Holiday Tips

The holiday season is upon us yet again. Wouldn’t it be easier, if the end of the year came along at some other time during the year?! Instead, everything seems to get crammed into these two months resulting into what amounts to little more than a blur. Between year-end collections, planning for next year, budgets, personal reviews, staff reviews, holiday gifts, gatherings, friend, family, etc., the time goes by so quickly. Just when it seems that you have everything under control, a great client development opportunity with the inevitable deadline that is nearly impossible to meet falls from the sky.

I’ve spoken with many clients over the past few weeks and it seems as though they are busier than ever and to them (and now to you) I offer the following business development advice:

  • The best time to develop business is when you’re busy
  • The holidays give you a great, non-business reason for outreach to “stay top-of-mind with the people who matter”
  • Don’t simply rely on your firm’s e-card to keep in touch with your valuable contacts
  • If you send out holiday cards, be sure to write something personal in them—don’t just sign your name!
  • Business development requires a little activity on a consistent or routine basis, rather than a splash of activity with a period of inactivity
  • Leverage technology like LinkedIn to keep your name in front of your contact network
  • Stay the course—don’t let the holidays distract you from achieving your BD goals

Finally, and most importantly…

Have fun. Be safe. Happy holidays to all and my very best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

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