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Is Your Client Making New Year’s Resolutions You Don’t Know About?

It’s January — The month when many of us sharpen the saw, set new goals and recommit. LawVision has some excellent posts to start off the year. Mike Short recently offered 10 specific projects that can produce big results in 2016. His message is to select one or two key areas for focus and drive those areas to success. Joe Altonji’s call to take a look at where you stand on your own personal growth continuum as a leader is an excellent take on growth at both the firm and personal level. Marcie Borgal Shunk explains how to embrace “Constructive Cultures” in her post: “5 Tips to Be a Better, Happier Firm: A New Year’s Resolution.”

Here’s an additional thought for 2016. Try this twist and consider a focus on the client for your resolutions. In addition to focusing on yourself and how you or your firm can do better, try focusing on your client. What are the client’s aspirations for the year? Growth through acquisition? Controlling costs? Streamlining key processes?

Whatever it is, offer to help. It’s the perfect time of the year to contact your key clients and ask them about plans for the year and how you can help. Who knows, you may even be drawn into a planning meeting. There is no better place to forge stronger relationships and insert yourself into the decision-making process than sitting in one of those meetings.

Make this the year of focusing on the client. It will lead to a more satisfying relationship and, chances are, even more work. Happy New Year.

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