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LawVision Announces New Service Offering ~ LawVision MergerCounsel

LawVision Group is pleased to announce the addition of a new service offering – LawVision MergerCounsel. Michael Short and Joseph Altonji, both founding Principals of LawVision, developed this service to address an increasingly urgent need in the legal industry.

“We created the MergerCounsel to assist law firm leaders who are inexperienced with mergers and want objective assistance at a fair price. While the number of active law firm merger discussions is quite high, many deals are handled by inexperienced professionals or by consultants who have a stake in a certain outcome and therefore do not approach the process objectively,” said Michael Short. Joe Altonji added, “The combination of two firms should be both strategic and transformational.  The final vote is effectively irreversible so the underpinnings for the deal must be strong, the terms should be focused on the resulting new firm, and the integration of the two organizations and their practices must happen as quickly as possible.  However, as equally important as the combinations that should happen are the ones that should not – and someone needs to be able to tell one from the other.“

MergerCounsel offers a complimentary 30-60 minute consultation with one of LawVision Group’s highly experienced law firm merger consultants. As an interested party, you may get everything you need from this initial conversation, or you may collectively decide that further discussion or specific next-steps are needed. Ultimately you will want to determine if “merger is the answer.”

According to Short, “Law firm combinations are unlike most merger transactions, and our collective experience of over 100 years in assisting law firms with merger search, negotiation and integration make us leaders in the industry.” The MergerCounsel consultants are skilled at managing the merger process from start to finish and design a process to help their client(s) meet their objectives in an expeditious, but deliberate, fashion. “There is little we haven’t seen. Our team is ready to assist with all aspects of any strategic combination,” said Altonji.

To start your MergerCounsel experience, simply call 312-466-5652 or email Mike Short or Joe Altonji.


LawVision Group focuses on delivering measurable results to law firm clients. Firm focused. Results driven. That’s LawVision.

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