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Webinar: Mentoring More Than a Handshake ~ Integrating Legal Mentoring With Law Practice Management


  • Jessa Baker, Senior Consultant, LawVision Group
  • Nate Alder, Shareholder, Christensen & Jensen


If your firm’s like most you tout your formal mentoring program when wooing potential new associates. Your website, your recruiting brochure highlights how your program provides the key to integrating new lawyers into the firm, helps them learn the fundamentals of law practice, and facilitates professional development.

But here’s the reality, most law firm mentoring programs start out on the associate’s first day with a handshake, and as associates get busy with the real work of the firm, fizzle into a well-intended, obsolete memory.

This isn’t surprising.  As a partner or shareholder, your job is to deliver professional service to your clients. And new associates, it’s a point of honor to survive the rituals of this initiation in order to prove they have what it takes…sink or swim, right?

So, if so many formal mentoring programs fail to work as advertised, what is working?

Course Highlights:

During this comprehensive audio conference, our expert faculty will give you real-life advice on how to improve the structure of your existing mentoring program, including:

  • Methods to manage mentor expectations/requirements for mentee’s professional development (take associates to meet clients, attend bar association meetings, etc.)
  • How to develop a culture of mentorship where the firm recognizes and rewards mentors
  • Why a first day introduction is not enough
  • How to establish better mentor-mentee pairs
  • Ways to build mentoring into the lawyer professional development process
  • Best practices for setting and adhering to mutually appropriate, time-commitments for mentoring
  • Best practices for facilitating open communication between mentor and mentee
  • How to assess your program, get “honest” feedback from associates

Date: July 9, 2015

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm (EST)

To register for the program, please click here.

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