Smart Collaboration Accelerator™



LawVision is certified to administer the Gardner & Co. Smart Collaboration Accelerator™.

The Accelerator is a suite of tools developed to help you understand your behavioral tendencies and turn them into ‘catalysts’ for Smart Collaboration.


  • Assessment –A short, 10-minute psychometric assessment
  • Individualized insights –An actionable, personalized report that identifies ways to leverage your Smart Collaboration attributes, with specific insights on virtual work
  • Team Leader insights –A team leader report to help understand the team’s dynamics and insights on how to coach, motivate, and deploy the team’s collaboration skills
  • Prompts –Research shows that repetition drives skill development and retention. To help embed the report’s insights, we provide electronic ‘prompts.’ These periodic personalized tips will help you deploy your strengths over time and remain aware of blind spots
  • Individualized support –Delivered through one-on-one coaching with team leaders and individuals to implement more effective collaboration


Through a decade of empirical research at Harvard, Dr. Heidi Gardner has demonstrated, across industries and geographies, the quantifiable commercial and talent benefits of collaboration.  Building on these concepts, the Accelerator helps individuals and teams realize the following benefits:

For the Individual

  • Understand your strengths –discover your collaborative tendencies and how to use the
  • Enhance your impact –deploy your strengths to increase your collaborative effectiveness
  • Engage your clients –identify needs and develop novel solutions through collaboration
  • Grow revenue –provide unique solutions addressing complex higher-value issues

For Teams

  • Differentiate –bring together deep functional and industry expertise to drive unique insights
  • Innovate faster –identify novel solutions by accessing and combining cross-domain ideas
  • Engage your leaders –drive strategy and execution by enhancing collaboration across silos
  • Retain talent –engage staff, which makes them more productive and likely to stay
  • Grow revenue –address the complex needs and deliver the higher value solutions
  • De-risk the business –institutionalize clients through deeper and broader relationships



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