LawVision MergerCounsel:

Tailored Law Firm Merger Search

Some law firm Managing Partners are actively searching for significant strategic growth opportunities and need to take a step beyond being opportunistic via LawVision’s Law Firm Merger Marketplace.

For these situations, we offer our MergerCounsel Tailored Law Firm Merger Searches. In these engagements, our merger team will assist with the creation of a tailored target list that includes the firms in the Virtual Merger Marketplace but also goes far beyond that cohort.

Typical steps in this type of project include:

i. Gaining a deep understanding of your goals with respect to M&A;

ii. Managing your expectations with respect to likely outcomes;

iii. Creating one, or a series of, target lists based on your search criteria and our knowledge of firms built over 3+ decades of consulting;

iv. Prioritizing candidates;

v. Planning for the initial approach to each prioritized candidate;

vi. If appropriate, making the initial approach to each prioritized candidate – confidentially, if needed; and

vii. Coaching throughout the process, including how to handle the initial meetings.

For further information on our MergerCounsel services, please contact either:

Joe Altonji; 847.867.2220

Mike Short; 202.255.1197

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