LawVision MergerCounsel:

Law Firm Merger Readiness Assessment

Merger is not a strategy.

Merging law firms is a means to implement a strategy or a well-defined need.

Furthermore, if a law firm merger makes sense, you want your law firm to be as well-positioned as possible going into the process to both

a) attract the right candidates, and

b) negotiate from your strongest position.

If any doubt exists in your mind, our law firm merger consultants can conduct a quick evaluation of your situation and make concrete recommendations with respect to next steps. Such recommendations may range from “proceed with haste” to an alternative that has nothing to do with M&A and focuses on creating a strong market position or handling internal issues that need to be addressed before an interested party is sitting across the table.

We will guide you toward the best long-term path forward for your law firm.


For further information on LawVision’s Law Firm MergerCounsel services, please contact either:

Joe Altonji; 847.867.2220

Mike Short; 202.255.1197

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