LawVision MergerCounsel:

Law Firm Merger Negotiation Counseling

Each law firm merger has myriad tricky issues to resolve during the development of “NewFirm” and the ability to call upon 3+ decades of experiences, precedents, and examples from prior law firm combinations can save time, money, and frustrations. Our law firm merger consultants can advise either side of a potential law firm combination or we can act for “NewFirm” and advise both parties on behalf of the proposed combination.

Typical sticking areas include law firm governance, law firm partner compensation, equalization of assets/liabilities coming into the deal (including capital accounts), and – now and then – coming to an agreement on the name of the combined law firm…to name a few.

Important note – we will never endorse a law firm combination that we don’t fully support. During law firm merger negotiations, we will constantly test the underpinnings of the combination and honestly report our feelings to both parties. We are equally proud of the deals we stopped as we are of the deals we helped close.

For further information on LawVision’s LawFirm MergerCounsel services, please contact either:

Joe Altonji; 847.867.2220

Mike Short; 202.255.1197

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