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Webinar: The Business “Flight Simulator” for Law Firms

When someone learns to fly, they do not send them up in a plane after a couple hours of training and “see how it goes.” That would not end well. You teach people to fly using technology on the ground and simulations. The same goes for astronauts, police, firefighters, and so on. So, why do we send our lawyers out to uncomfortable situations without this type of preparation?

Video based, virtual simulations are here for law firms. Whether you use them to prepare for business development, client service interviews, or dealing with critical conversations, their value cannot be overstated.

When you get ONE chance, and things going wrong, it could be really painful. Think about how a pilot would prepare.

Join us for this 30 minute demonstration of our game-changing software platform  that allow professionals to use video simulations that are evaluated by internal/external coaches to make immediate improvements in performance.

Your firm could have your own business flight simulator up in running in less than 10 days and start seeing IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENTS in performance.

Register today!

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