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Webinar Series: Data-driven Budgeting – A case study on putting in place smart budgeting & pricing processes

Data-Driven Budgeting – A case study on putting in place smart budgeting & pricing processes is the second edition of our summer sessions webinar series co-hosted with Clocktimizer.

Clear & transparent matter management, legal pricing, and client service delivery are increasingly prioritized by firms, and rightfully so. A data-driven and transparent way of doing business should be center stage in any strategy. This month we learn-by-example with the help of Anshoo Patel, Associate Director of Practice Innovation at Blank Rome.

During this 45-minute deep dive, we will discuss challenges like:

  • Dealing with dirty or incomplete data. Timecards have been created through the years with one objective: to get paid. Less so for budget templates & experience management.
  • Firm budget processes are still developing. How can you help shape them?
  • Matter management has evolved but is still in the early maturity levels. How does that affect the firm?
  • Great tools exist, but every project faces a “last mile” challenge. To facilitate the adoption of new systems and processes, they need to be tuned to each firm’s specific culture and DNA.

Join Anshoo Patel (Blank Rome), Pieter van der Hoeven (Clocktimizer), and Mark Medice (LawVision) in this webinar exploring Blank Rome’s transition into a data-driven powerhouse.

Missed our first webinar on discounting signals? No worries! A digital recording of that can be found here: https://vimeo.com/clocktimizer

The Pricing and Profitability Summer Webinar Schedule:

August 17th: Matter Leakage – Causes and Effects

  • This chat will feature industry leaders as they share their views on leakage. We will discuss why it happens, where are the biggest pain points, and how your firm can make easy wins through efficiency measures.
  • Our panelists will also cover the importance of smarter budgets to avoid cost overrun and write-offs.
  • We will share how to integrate technology to build early warning systems.

September 17th: Pricing Considerations for 2021

  • This will be essential for senior executives, trying to build their 2020/2021 strategies in light of the ongoing economic downturn. We will begin by looking at the pricing progression through 2020 and whether Covid-19 has had a material effect on pricing.
  • The webinar will include practical tips on how to build a good strategy for 2021, including how to price to your firm’s strengths and how to build that pricing strategy into your team processes.

October 17th: Innovation Around Pricing

  • Our final session will cover the current state of innovation in the pricing industry, and then where we see it changing in the coming years. This will include both technological and non-technological developments in the industry. We will look at how the matter genome is currently used, and how it could be used.
  • We will cover the best ways to exploit the tools at your disposal and how they are accelerating modern pricing strategies. As usual, we will be joined by industry leaders to discuss how they are tackling pricing innovation.

Register for the July 22nd Data-driven Budgeting Webinar Today.

This session will last 45 minutes.

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