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Webinar: Put Your Sales Training Program on Steroids

Over $70 billion a year is spent on sales training, and most is a big waste of time (studies show 80% is forgotten in 90 days). The problem is not what you are teaching. It is HOW you are teaching it.

We will show you how to improve the ROI on training up to 700% by changing HOW you train. No matter what BD/sales methodology you use, you can give it a BIG BOOST to increase performance and results.

Items covered:

1. Why you must stop teaching in a K-12 style to adults. IT DOES NOT WORK.

2. The 7 common mistakes in BD/sales training that most organizations insist on doing.

3. How to use training as a way to build a performance culture that craves new challenges instead of shunning them.

You may be putting in the time, but you probably are not getting the results you expect. So, before you start that new BD/sales program and make promises about its results, make sure you watch this webcast to get an advantage.

Perfectly legal, we assure you.


Presenter: Darryl Cross, Senior Consultant, LawVision
Date: Friday, November 16, 2018
Time: 12-12:30  pm (EST)

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