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Webinar: Business Development is a Team Sport

If you wanted to become a great violinist or a world class physician, you wouldn’t read a few articles about it and then go figure it out by yourself.

So, why do we INSIST on training lawyers on business development (BD) this way?

Why You Should Attend

Few lawyers are proficient business developers, mostly due to the fact that they don’t do it that often. A couple hours of training will not change that fact. Elite performers  in all professions and domains rely on teams, dynamic simulations, and managed competition to continuously improve. Research shows that no one achieves a level of proficiency or expertise by going it alone. There are no exceptions.

It is unfair to ask someone to be a great closer, writer, speaker, networker and a lawyer. The way to get the most out of people is to use diverse, high performing teams that let them focus on their strengths. That is how you develop astronauts, pilots, and elite athletes. Business developing lawyers are no different.

BD teams are your most powerful and unique competitive asset. However, leveraging teams requires addressing culture, compensation, trust, role clarity and conflict resolution. It’s a simple plan, but not so simple to do.

Specific Takeaways

  1. HOW you train and develop people is exponentially more important than content
  2. Using managed competition to improve performance without games or costly incentives
  3. The ideal size, makeup and roles of effective BD teams. It is NOT the same people who do the work!


Presenter: Darryl Cross, Senior Consultant

Date: Thursday, June 28th

Time: 12-12:30 pm (EST)

Complimentary to all law firm attendees


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