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Webinar: Becoming an Exceptional Law Firm Team Leader

At many law firms, team leaders frequently are thrust into their role due to their success as a practicing lawyer, long tenure, or relationship with a key client. However, this in no way prepares them to manage a group, coach peers, and develop talent.

Team leaders are challenged to meet client demands, achieve firm goals, and try to build a culture of collaboration between lawyers protecting their self-interests. It is not surprising that leaders struggle to find their footing.

Whether you lead a practice, client/industry, or management team, the effectiveness of the team starts at the top. Join us for this 15-minute webinar to learn how to start to become an exceptional team leader at your firm.

Key Takeaways
• Why compensation is not the real issue behind effective law firm teams
• How to get better realization rates (on the performance of your team members)
• Why clients are demanding firms adopt a culture of collaboration and teams
• How to avoid the 5 most common, disastrous mistakes of law firm team leaders

Leveraging teams requires addressing culture, compensation, trust, role clarity and conflict resolution. It’s a simple plan, but not so simple to do.


Presenter: Darryl Cross, Senior Consultant and Certified Team Performance Coach
Date: Friday, August 10th
Time: 12 pm (EST)

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