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LIVE WEBINAR: Building Strategic Resilience and Strength: A New Take on Law Firm Strategic Development

The legal industry is badly in need of new thinking on strategic positioning and sustainability. Gone are the days when a “strategy” based entirely on growth and merger coupled with getting the firm’s “fair share of high value work” is likely to work for most firms. Strategy needs to combine positioning, delivery and talent components and be firmly grounded by a credible implementation plan. But achieving long term strategic strength and resilience requires much, much more.

Joe Altonji and Mike Short present this webinar designed for the Managing Partners, Executive Committee members and Strategic Planning Committee Chairs and members who are frustrated by their firm’s seeming inability to make strategic progress in-spite of many rounds of traditional strategic planning. While planning remains important, it is far from sufficient to assure success. This webinar is presented by West LegalEdcenter.

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