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Global LPM Summit 2023

The Global LPM Summit will showcase 12 inspiring and practical sessions offered virtually and in-person for those attending the Running Legal Like a Business conference. This distinctive event will bring together a diverse range of individuals, including general counsel, legal operations professionals, law firm leaders/business professionals, and business experts, to collectively advance the legal industry during these challenging and ever-changing times.

This conference’s Global LPM Summit portion will be the only part offered virtually. For the sessions with participants in-person and virtually, there will be opportunities to interact with those in the room, participate in case studies and interactive polling, and ask questions to the faculty.

Topics include:

  • How LPM Enhances Diversity and Inclusion
  • LPM as a Driver of Strategic Growth and Success – A real-world discussion of solving law department pain points
  • Using Legal Project Management To Manage Outside Counsel and Reduce Legal Spend
  • Using Data to Drive Matter Performance
  • Managing Portfolios of Legal Matters Using Data and Legal Project Management
  • Quantifying the Impact of LPM
  • Intentional Management: How one data-driven DEI program embedded Legal Project Management into the Kaiser Permanente legal department culture
  • Leveraging LPM Technology to Better Serve Clients
  • Leveraging Paraprofessionals to Build Your LPM Team

Many sessions will include an in-house counsel or legal operations professional perspective. Sign up today! Special pricing for signing up five or more team members. Contact Eva Booth at eva.booth@lawvision.com to discuss.

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