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Law Firm Sales: 2021 is the Year of the Sales Team

This article was first published January 26, 2021 in PinHawk’s Law Firm Marketing Brief. Despite COVID-19’s business interruption, competition continues, and the challenges

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Top 5 Tips for Defending Your Marketing Budget in Unprecedented Times

This article was originally published through PinHawk’s Law Firm Marketing Brief on August 25, 2020 As if defending a marketing budget within the

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Law Firm Sales & Marketing: Whose Department is on the Chopping Block?

Firms are leaner than ever. After having gone through several years of cost-cutting and layoffs, firms are operationally strong and beginning to hire

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Nailing the Fundamentals – Connecting the Dots to Grow a Client Relationship

Solving a client’s business issues if you don’t know the solutions or services your firm has to offer can be like trying to

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