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Preparing to Pivot: From Recovery Mode to Proactive Strategic Leadership

It’s been a crazy three months and we’re not out the woods yet on the COVID-19 crisis, but by this time all well-run

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Key Findings from Our Profitability Survey

Profitability Survey Background To help law firms think about profitability strategies and best practices, we recently finalized our second annual profitability survey with

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5 Emerging Challenges for Law Firm Leaders in 2020

Before the calendar slips too far into the new year, I want to share five important emerging trends or steps for law firm

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Are Your Practice Groups Working? 5 Reasons Why Law Firm Practice Management Structures Don’t Work

I recently got a call from a firm that wanted to talk about changing their practice management structure.  They had questions about how

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You Can Ignore This Post…  If You Are Satisfied with How Your Firm is Doing

We’re coming up on the 10th year-end closing since the financial crash got rolling, and as many as two-thirds of American law firms

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