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Preparation for The New Year

I recall an interview with Alabama’s head football coach Nick Saban several years ago.  Minutes after winning the national championship game he stated: “We’re going to enjoy this for 24 hours or so, then it’s back to work.”

Like many overachievers, Nick Saban understands that at the end of a successful season, we eventually have to start preparing for the next year.

Law firm partners can also prepare for the new season by considering the following:

  1. Review last year’s client list by revenue. What worked? What business would you like to go after in 2023? Project which clients offer the greatest opportunity for the current year and write them down. Post the list somewhere in your office so you’ll see it every day.
  2. Review your contact list. Prioritize your best contacts and those who you want to focus on in 2023 (specifically those who will help you reach your goals). Personally, I try to get 50 contacts on my list at the beginning of every year.
  3. Review your 2022 plan. Did you meet or exceed your goals for 2022? What business development activities produced the best results? Which activities did not? Start thinking about where to invest your time next year.
  4. Create a business development plan for 2023.What are your goals and objectives for next year? Many folks will immediately jump into the new year with last year’s plan (or no plan at all). Have a vision for where you want to go and execute to your plan.
  5. Visualize and project a successful 2023. As Steven Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, used to say: “Begin with the End in Mind.”

For a copy of our business development plan, please email me: jcranston@lawvision.com.

Best of luck for another successful season!

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