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Law Firm Generations: Who Will Become the Next Ninurta at Your Firm?

When the Mesopotamian King of Gods, Enzil’s tablet was stolen and the young God Ninurta (thought of as powerless) rises to become the new king of gods, it is not without some harm. This story reminds me of the generational gap in firms today. I’m not suggesting the more senior partners necessarily need to retire, that’s up to them and the firm. But step aside when it comes to who is calling the shots for the next generation of lawyers and how the firm will continue on. The gap between many firms’ decision-makers and the clients buying from the firms is pretty significant—the clients are younger-side of the boomer population and Gen-Xers and even some Millennials. It’s imperative to keep in touch and build relationships with the buyer side. The threat of not doing so may cause chaos including loss of talent, loss of power and possibly loss of the firm.

To go on with the story and to distill this, a chaotic threat to the council of the gods ensued. None of the gods from the older generation were willing to live up to the challenge. By one young god stepping up, he defeats the monster council and becomes the new chief god. Enzil’s inability to pass the kingship to a younger god caused a small revolt of sorts and it was not until Ninurta ended up the new King that control was restored.

We may learn much from the mythological gods. Where is your firm’s next “King of Gods” and can your firm pass on the kingship and control before chaos ensues?

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