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What’s APP?

Bracewell & Giuliani recently announced a Fracking App called Shale Play.

It’s one of the most creative value propositions I’ve seen in a long time.  Although there are many law firm apps in the market place, most are firm focused . . . not client focused.  According to Paul Grabowski, Bracewell & Giuliani’s Chief Marketing Officer, “We built the fracking app as an energy industry tool; something not only for our clients, but also for petroleum engineers, investment bankers, energy company executives and environmental policy professionals.”

Since its launch last month, Bracewell’s  Shale Play App was:

  • Downloaded over 2,000 times, in countries like Russia, Denmark, Singapore and Australia
  • Viewed 3,700 times in the first 24 hours and 10,000 times in the first 72 hours
  • Picked up by 375 media outlets

Per Grabowski, “It’s just one part of a new media platform for webcasts, podcasts, videos, twitter feeds and blogs.”  The app has created a significant amount of buzz and exposure for this Houston based energy firm.

Are you APP to try something similar?

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