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What Does Selling Legal Services have to do with Baseball?

As I watch the 2013 baseball season unfold it reminds me that baseball is not only a lot like business development, it’s also a business development tool.

Baseball and sales:  to get a lot of hits, you need a lot of at bats. You visit many of the same ball parks and sometimes you do nothing but strike out and other times you knock it out of the park.  In between games you practice, over and over and over again. Jumping into the batting cage and practicing your swing, hand eye coordination and situational hitting.  Like the sales process, it takes a high volume of activity to reap results and it takes time and effort. Not every at bat results in an RBI.  In baseball and business development, you should strive for a higher batting average.

Baseball is also a great sales tool.  Whether it’s taking clients to games; musing about wins/losses and your team versus their team by email and phone calls, it can be a great connector.  Even if you don’t know much about the game, you probably have clients who do and keeping track of how their favorite team is doing and sending a quick email about a win, is a good connector.

And last, the best players build a brand based on experience, expertise and wins.  So my advice this week is to “Play Ball!”

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