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What a Nordstrom Personal Shopper Can Teach Us About Client Service

“Can anyone give us an example of a non-legal service that you love”?  The question was posed by John Cunningham  to the four GC panelists at LSSO’s RainDance Conference in Dallas on May 9th.   Nordstrom Personal Shopper” loudly echoed over the crowd.

Truth be told, I’ve personally never utilized the services of a Nordstrom PS (AKA Personal Stylist).  So a quick Google search provided plenty of fodder for today’s post.

To me, “a service that you love” screams of loyalty, partnership, commitment, and ultimately, a passionate fan.  How many of your firm’s clients would say that about you or your firm?  So what about the Nordstrom Personal Stylist’s service is so appealing and what can we learn from it?

I’ve found eight excellent client service attributes to contrast with your own level of service:

  1. Responsiveness:  Nordstrom has a 24-hour response policy to all NPS inquiries (via a phone call and personal email).
  2. Convenient Communication:  Nordstrom facilitates the shopping experience through multiple communication venues, including text messaging.
  3. Understands the Client:  The NPS will ask many questions regarding lifestyle, career, travel habits, hobbies as well as personal attributes like age, height, weight, hair, eye and skin colors.
  4. Proactive:  Based on the client’s preferences, the NPS will identify and select items which may be of interest and reach out consistently with multiple options (unsolicited).
  5. Consistently Adds Value:  NPS will provide a steady stream of “what to wear and when,” fashion tips and recommendations for looking your best.
  6. Innovates:  Curbside delivery for on-the-go professionals.
  7. Pricing Options:  Nordstrom Rack stores and nordstromrack.com provide lower price alternatives for those budget conscious customers.
  8. Overall Client Experience:  The NPS can make the buying experience much more pleasurable, especially for those that despise shopping.

How can your law firm implement the same framework?

And if you loathe the thought of a visit to the mall as much as I do, call 888-282-6060 and Melissa can direct you to your local Nordstrom Personal Shopper.

Jim Cranston is a founding Principal of LawVision where he consults with clients on revenue growth, business development and key client management in the professional services industry.

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