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Using Your Smart Phone for Smart Business Development

One of my 2015 New Year’s resolutions is to utilize technology to improve my business (the other is to lose weight).  Since there are thousands of blog posts on losing weight, I’ll stick with utilizing technology.  Last year I had a client suggest “it would be great to get a reminder on my phone about business development activities that are important and timely, like a text message.”  I agreed.  I often recommend scheduling a weekly recurring event for dedicated business development time, which works well for those who actually set it up.  But to take the use of technology to a whole new level, consider the following smart phone apps to ensure that you capture your business development “to do” task and simultaneously create an e-reminder:

  • To Do Reminder – No need to type, completely voice activated.
  • Reminder – The appearance reminds me of a post it note.
  • Fantastical 2 – Combines your calendar and task into one app.
  • Alarmed Reminders & Timers – Repeat scheduling with snooze capability.
  • Due – Just the alarm feature, but simple can be best.
  • Countdown+ – Countdown feature provides a visual of prioritized tasks.
  • Evernote – Has a note taking feature as well.

All this reminding reminds me that I need to remind myself to work on my other New Year’s resolution!

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