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Now For Some Good News

Is anyone else tired of reading the daily news riddled with abuse and corruption in our country?  Names like Harvey Weinstein, Paul Manafort, James Toback, Roger Ailes and Kevin Spacey continue to plague the front pages of my favorite daily rags.  So today, I’m sharing some good news.

For several years now, on a pro bono basis, I have had the privilege of coaching, mentoring and supporting several outstanding men and women doing work that most of us wouldn’t dream of.  Underpaid and under-appreciated, these folks are fighting the good fight for those less fortunate, the victims.  One of those such people is Kim Biddle.  Kim is the founder and CEO of Saving Innocence, a non-profit organization tasked with fighting human trafficking by rescuing and restoring victims while partnering with judges, social workers and law enforcement to put an end to these horrific crimes.  Kim and her team have quietly and resolutely saved hundreds of victims from a life of slavery (here in America . . . in our cities!)

Now for the good news.  According to Alan Smyth, Senior Vice-President of Saving Innocence, “we recently celebrated 19 of our kids who fought their way back to health and graduated High School. A momentous occasion for any child, but a truly remarkable accomplishment for a child who has been bought and sold hundreds, if not thousands of times in their young life. Having been abused beyond measure, these kids have overcome the unthinkable! We are grateful for the support of friends, businesses and foundations who make our life saving work possible.”

Kim and Alan, it’s an honor and a privilege to play a very small role in helping you to help others.

If you’re interested in learning how to support their mission, please visit the Saving Innocence website.


Jim Cranston is a founding Principal of LawVision where he consults with clients on revenue growth, business development and key client management in the professional services industry.

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