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LawVision and Iridium host the 2nd Annual “Most In-depth Profitability Survey for Law Firms – Ever!”

Would you like to get definitive answers about how law firms are doing profitability analysis and reporting? Would you like to learn about the real law firm profitability best practices? If so, then you need to participate in this survey, since only participating firms will get access to the complete results write-up!

  • About the survey: Together with Iridium Technology, we are proud to host our 2nd annual survey about law firm profitability. The survey goes deep into your profitability implementation, asking questions about your allocation methods, reporting capabilities, exception processing, data sources, intra-office/department cost transfers, etc. We are getting into the “nuts and bolts” of your profitability implementation. We also are gathering information on firm attitudes about profitability analysis, if profitability flows into partner compensation, who in the firm has access to profitability data, etc.
  • Who can participate?: The first portion of the survey is for all participants, including finance staff, executive directors, managing partners, department heads, etc. The second part gets into the “nuts and bolts” of your profitability implementation, so we are seeking input from the finance team only for that section.
  • How long will it take?: The first part takes about 10 minutes, and the second part takes an additional 10 minutes.
  • Why should I participate?: Because we will only share the full result write-up with firms that have participated in the survey.
  • What if we don’t have a profitability application?: Please take the survey anyway. There are questions about what your firm aspires to do with profitability reporting, and you will still get access to the full write-up which will help you when you are ready to kick off your profitability initiative.
  • How are my answers protected?: The write-up will only report on “grouped” results, such as “US firms,” “mid-size firms,” etc.

We look forward to your participation. The survey will only be open for a week, so please complete it right away. Remember, only firms that complete the survey will get access to the full write-up!

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