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Law Firm Transformation and the Metamorphosis of Narcissus

I recently asked the Chair Emeritus of a significant firm what his biggest accomplishment was and what his biggest failure was. He reflected and replied, “the biggest failure was to get everyone on board with the transformation of the firm and where it needs to head next.” While the firm is slowly now moving in the right direction, the opportunity to be an industry pacer, out in front, has passed. And while this firm will do well, it could have been a significant contender.

His comments caused me to reflect on Dali’s interpretation of the Greek God Narcissus and how in love he was with himself only to result in his eventual demise. Some firms may have a similar demise, having only a petrified memory of themselves in the history books of the legal industry. Being too much in love with the way we do things and not open to change will hamper any firm’s potential success. While the industry transitions through its own metamorphosis, law firms will have to do the same. Perhaps some reflection on Dali’s painting may inspire your firm to do so.

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